Hello, I’m Lauren!I founded my photography business in 2010 after I discovered my love for making images of people. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & a minor in Event Planning from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. I’ve always been passionate about weddings, and I love capturing those indescribable special moments so that you can forever cherish them with your friends and family. I believe in carefully curated collections of images, and quality in moments over quantity, which is why most of my work is shot on film. Since becoming a mother, newborn photography has turned into another passion of mine! I love timeless and romantic photos, and I’m a sucker for medium format film. I enjoy capturing candid moments and also making my clients feel beautiful through portraits. My clients are the most beautiful when they are happy and at ease, so you will often find me goofing around and keeping things lighthearted. I love anything and everything outdoors, my two daughters (Mela & Vail), my husband (Rob), traveling, boating, and chocolate.

"The click of a shutter. A moment in time. Frozen forever to live on through photographs. A child’s first smile. A couple’s first kiss. These are the moments that when looking back will take your breath away. It is my job to capture them. "